8 Best WiFi Smart Plugs Available Today!

Best Wifi Smart PlugsWi-fi smart plugs are the latest craze within the tech world – but what are they, exactly?

They are an affordable way to control any device in your home from the screen of your smartphone.

Any device that is controlled through a normal electrical plug socket can be controlled by a smart plug.

This means that after a long day at work, you can turn your lights on as you come in the driveway so that you walk into a well-lit home.

As amazing as smart plugs are, there are differences between smart plug brands.

Like with any other product, there are a variety of brands that range from mediocre to fantastic.

To help you decide which smart plug to get for your home, here is a list of a few of the best wifi smart plugs.

1. Wemo Mini

The Wemo Mini smart plug is known for its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, but you can now also use it with Google Home and can control nearly any device in your home.

To have this smart plug do its magic, you just need a wi-fi connection and a smartphone.

The Wemo Mini smart plugs are so small and compact that you can stack two of them in the same outlet without any problems.

This smart plug comes with an interesting feature called the “Away Mode” feature. It allows the plug to turn your lights on and off randomly throughout the day or night, to make it appear as if you are home.

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2. ThinkEco Modlet

The ThinkEco Modlet is an outlet that is designed for modern home owners.

It allows the owners to have total control over the devices within their home right from their smartphone.

This smart plug also gives the owners a minute by minute report of how much power their devices are consuming. The usage data it transferred through a USB receiver.

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3. Ankuoo Neo

A smart plug from Ankuoo, a new company that sells their products through Amazon, is the Neo.

The Neo smart plug is different from its competitors because its plugs come in a variety of fun colors, instead of the standard black or white that most plugs come in.

Like the Wemo Mini, there is also a feature that allows the lights to be turned on and off to give the impression that you’re at home when you aren’t.

It’s also a great way to monitor your power consumption, as the plug monitors how much electricity your devices use and displays this information through the free app that comes with the plug.

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4. Bayit Switch Wi-Fi Socket

The Bayit Switch Wi-fi Socket smart plug is one of many from Bayit.

It just might be, however, one of the best smart plugs on the market.

It’s a simple smart plug and lacks fancy features, but is a great value for what it costs.

It’s also reported to work extremely well, and be very reliable.

Like the other plugs on this list, it allows users to control their devices even when they’re away from home by way of their smartphone.

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5. EtekCity Mini Smart Plug Outlet

This smart plug works exclusively with Amazon Alexa, and can be used to program and control various devices around the home.

The plug comes with a standby mode, so that your devices don’t use excess energy when they are not in use.

The simple app that comes with the plug also allows users to monitor their home electricity usage.

It also comes with a two-year warranty.

It works through wi-fi connection and is perfect for controlling hard to reach devices and devices that have hidden ON/OFF switches.

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6. Klear Smart Plug (US Only)

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Klear Smart Plug is a 3-in-1 device.

It is small and effective, but doesn’t use too much energy to control your devices.

It comes with two USB cords for charging, to ensure that your chargeable devices such as smartphones, can be charged using the smart plug.

In total, the plug uses about $1.50 of energy per year on your utility bill.

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7. Laneco Mini Wireless Smart Plug (US Only)

The Laneco Mini Wireless Smart Plug is sold at an incredible value- on Amazon it is sold in packs of two for an affordable price that beats many of its single-pack competitors’ prices.

The device can enable voice control to make things even easier, and allow you to multi-task. Or, it can be controlled through a free smartphone app that has been optimised for its users to navigate with ease.

The smart plugs are small and multiple plugs can be plugged into one wall outlet, meaning that a handful of devices can be controlled at one time.

The pack of plugs also comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

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8. Kisslink Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini (US Only)

The Kisslink Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini is an incredible addition to any smart home.

It is compatible with Amazon Echo, and incredibly easy to use.

It can be controlled through an app or by voice control using your home wi-fi connection.

The smart plug is small enough that it can be plugged in, but other devices can still be plugged into the surrounding sockets.

The plug is UL certified and ensures satisfaction and safety for every user, or your money back. The plug also comes with additional “smart modes” that can be used, or reprogrammed to fit your individual needs.

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Smart plugs are great for the modern home owner or renter. They make life easy, and can give users peace of mind when they are away from their home.

Many of them also have smart features to monitor energy consumption, and electrical use.

They can range from $10 to $70, depending on how many special features they have or don’t have.

It’s hard to go wrong when buying a smart plug!

Which ones do you own and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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