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Best NAS Drives for Mac: The 5 Winners

Best NAS Drives for MacNAS drives are data storage servers perfect for home media user.

They used to be more of a corporate luxury but in recent years, prices have come down allowing most homes to indulge in a NAS drive.

There are plenty of articles out there sharing which drives are best for Windows – In this post we’re going to be focusing on Macs.

I’ll share the 5 best NAS drives for Macs shortly, but first:

Choosing The Best NAS drives

Before opting for the best NAS Drive to buy, you should understand the importance of your company’s assets. In so doing, you will know the factors to consider before buying NAS to ensure the success of your business.

The factors include connectivity, NAS security options, backup options, recovery options, and available capacity. Here is a rundown of these four aspects:

Capacity: The type of NAS drive that you buy should sort your storage issues now and in the future. There are devices that can be adjusted as per the growth of your company, assuring you of adequate storage now and in the future.

Backup and Recovery Options: A good NAS should guarantee appropriate backup and recovery options to ensure that your data is safe. The NAS drive should be configured to mirror data to another drive from time to time.

Connectivity: Good connectivity is vital during data access since NAS drive acts as a central data storage and recovery point. For this reason, you should go for a device that can be accessed remotely.

NAS Security: A NAS drive is supposed to give you a peace of mind as far as data is concerned. It is advisable that you pair the drive with cloud storage to avoid data loss during natural calamities and catastrophic events.

Editors Choice: 5 Best NAS Drives Reviews

The reviews of best NAS drives are based on the above factors with every device being weighed against these factors.

Also, other factors such as storage extension capabilities and design are determinants.

We have prepared a comparison table and review of five Best NAS drives in the market available now. Enjoy!

ProductFeatureItem WeightItem Dimensions L x W x HOur RatingLatest Deals
Apple Time CapsuleFull-featured Wi-Fi base station3.3 pounds3.85 x 3.85 x 6.6 inches[star rating="4.4" numeric="yes"]Check Price
Seagate Personal Cloud HomeSupports Plex Media Server2.5 pounds4.68 x 9.25 x 1.89 inches[star rating="3.4" numeric="yes"]View Latest Deals
Synology DS216J NASPersonal cloud storage1.9 pounds6.5 x 3.93 x 8.88 inches[star rating="4.2" numeric="yes"]View Latest Deals
NETGEAR ReadyNASDual Gigabit Ethernet8.4 pounds6.74 x 11.47 x 10.28 inches[star rating="3.9" numeric="yes"]View Latest Deals
WD My Cloud EX2 DisklessMultiple drive management options1.8 pounds6.1 x 3.9 x 6.75 inches[star rating="3.7" numeric="yes"]View Latest Deals

Apple Time Capsule

If you are looking for a NAS drive that combines elegance, portability, and class, then Apple time Capsule is the best one for you. With this drive, you will enjoy 2TB of data space and an 802.11 ac full featured Wi-Fi base station; 3x faster than 802.11n.

Also, you will enjoy a great, cable-free backup solution which can be accessed using Wi-Fi connection and can be easily set on any Mac computer. With three Ethernet ports, you can easily expand your storage as your company grows.

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Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage Device

Seagate personal cloud home offers a 3TB cloud storage capacity with no chargeable storage fee thus allowing you to save up to $120 every year. The drive allows you to securely share your personal folders and files with your accomplices through encrypted URL links. With this storage drive, you can easily backup your mobile devices and computers, and you will be able to access them from anywhere.

This drive also improves your experience by allowing you to stream your music and videos to any certified TV device. The IFTTT compatibility allows you to download Facebook likes, Gmail attachments, Instagram tags and Sound Cloud favorites to your various devices.

If you love to organize your media beautifully and ensure it plays on all Mac devices, then this is the preferable option for you.

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Synology DS216J NAS Disk Station (DS216j)

This versatile personal cloud storage will leave you wondering how you managed to live without it. The software of this NAS drive separates it from other drives since it balances the needs of experienced and casual users. With this NAS drive, you will be able to store large media files, synchronize cloud storage, and finally backup your important document.

In case you run out of storage space, you can easily expand to a four drive unit hence the growth of your business will not be halted due to lack of storage space. This Synology device is a good option if you are a “brave-novice” user of computers and other smartphone devices.

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If you are looking for a NAS drive that gives you ample storage space of up to 6TB and an amazing read and write speed of 200MB/s and 160MB/s respectively, NETGEAR Ready NAS is the best drive for you.

This NAS device will help enjoy a safe storage and access of your files. The drive has a dual Gigabit Ethernet which offers up to 2x throughput in link aggregation; with its advanced BTRFS file system ensuring a five level complete data protection.

If you wish to build a private cloud storage, you can easily do it using the ready cloud portal-based user interface. Better still, you will also enjoy a three-year warranty upon purchasing this device.

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WD My Cloud EX2

If you have huge chunks of data you wish to store safely, WD My Cloud EX2 is the best option for you. With up to 12TB of storage space you are assured that all the current and future business data will be safe.

Your business growth will not be lagged due to lack of storage space since it supports the use of up to two drives thus doubling the available memory.

This drive is convenient for your home or office, and its advanced features will ensure that you can access your files from anywhere. This will definitely improve your data storage and retrieval experience.

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Final Words

The review above consists of the best 5 NAS Drives for your Mac device. In choosing these drives, the determining factors were storage capacity, backup options, connectivity, and NAS security. You should choose the NAS Drive that suits your needs and personal preferences.

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